All Gods

God Name
Alignment – domain

Good & Neutral Deities

Avandra, Goddess of change, luck, trade, travel
CG – Trickery
Three stacked wavy lines

Bahamut, Dragon god of justice, protection, nobility, and honor
LG – Life, War
Dragon’s head in profile

Corellon, God of arcane magic, spring, beauty and the arts revered primarily by elves
CG – Light

Erathis, Goddess of civilization and invention
LN – Knowledge
Upper half of a clockwork gear

Ioun, Goddess of knowledge, skill, and prophecy revered primarily by scholars, magic-users N – Knowledge
Crook shaped like a stylized eye

Kord, God of the storm, strength and battle revered by warriors
CN – Tempest
Sword with a lightning bolt cross guard

Melora, Goddess of the wilderness and the sea
N – Nature, Tempest
Seashell with a wavelike swirl

Moradin, God of creation, artisans, family, revered primarily by dwarves
LG – Knowledge, War

Pelor, God of the sun, summer, agriculture and time
NG – Life, Light
Circle with six outwardly radiating points

Sehanine, Goddess of trickery, love, moon and autumn revered by elves
CG – Trickery
Crescent moon

The Raven Queen, Goddess of death, fate, winter
LN – Death, Life
Raven’s head in profile

Evil Deities

Herra, Goddess of the Nine Hells and god of power, domination and tyranny
LE – Trickery
Three triangles in tight formation

Bane, God of war and conquest
LE – War
Claw with three talons pointing down

Gruumsh, God of destruction revered by orcs
CE – Tempest, War
Unblinking triangular eye with bony protrusions

Lolth, Goddess of shadows, lies, and spiders revered by the drow
CE – Trickery
Eight-pointed star with a web motif; spider

Tharizdun, Creator of the Abyss and god of annihilation and madness
CE – Trickery

Tiamat, Dragon goddess of wealth, greed, and vengeance
LE – Trickery, War
Five clawed star

Torog, God of the Underdark and imprisonment
NE – Death
T attached to a circular shackle

Vecna, God of undead, necromancy, and secrets
NE – Death, Knowledge
Partially shattered one-eyed skull

Zehir, God of darkness, poison, and assassins revered by snakefolk
CE – Trickery, Death
Snake in the shape of a dagger

All Gods

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