Alnwick is the land of the south that was inhabited by people of south western european similarity. They are largely superior in technology to those of the northern realms (Tasloinia, Boske, Renia, Agral) having acquired superior siege animals, cannons, and effecient production of uncommon magic items.

The realm is largely run by the state in a meritocratic form of government where the King of Alnwick is chosen by a council and educated from a young age to lead. The rest of the realm is headed by noble families that pass down rule to the most eligible of the relatives in the family. However, this is not always true as some vassales may push to have their son become the heir rather than the one chosen. The major cities are governed by ruling Dukes with counties accompanying the surrounding populated areas.


The environment of Alnwick consist mostly of good farm land and rolling hills. This allows for easy road building and quick communication. Staple crops consist of grapes (wine), wheat, barley, potatoes, tomatoes, felets, and cad.

Alnwicks Royal Intrada:

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