Denarian War

The Denarian war was a war effort, led by King Alberick in the year 1116, to conquer the northern and eastern lands of Boske, Renia, Teslonia, and Agral. The wars name was given to it because of the quick conquering of 3 of the 4 resisting realms in only 14 years and because it was the name of the new united realm given to it by King Alberick at the end of the war. Though Alnians may claim they are from Alnwick and Boskins may claim they are from Boske, they are now united under the banner of Denaria.


Delvers were highly trained assassins and spies employed by alnwick to infiltrate and kill important political and military leaders. They get there name because they would build a political record and live out the majority of their life in the country. They were founded in the year 1062 and fully implemented by the start of the Denarian war. Their most notable assassinations are: The Assassination of High King Halfrid Audg of Agral; The Assassination of Isaac Gelln, Duke of Aussinburgh (Renian Realm); and The Assassination of Grandmaster Knight Siegfried Drach, commander of the Knights of Renia. This took an extreme toll on the Realm of Renia and Agral and, by the time Alberick’s campaign reached them, they were already severely weakened.

Dishonor Tactics
Dishonor tactics, coined by Renian general and Grandmaster Knight Gunter Heim, was an umbrella term used to describe the warfare tactics employed by the Alnwick army during the Denarian war. This included tactics similar to double envelopment, blitzkrieg, smoke screening (eversmoking bottle), and feigned retreat. This term was mostly used by Renians who were very honorable. When Renians partake in internal conflicts between vassals it is often a pitched battle very similar to a duel.

Quick Siege
The quick seige is a form of seige tactic that takes advantage of the superior seige equipment and siege animals of the Alnwick army. This applies most notably to the Ashen Dragon which, when used in large numbers, could quickly scale walls and penetrate the initial defense of a castle, fort, or city. When combined with the smoke screening tactic this became unbearably effective.


Significant Battles of Renia

Pitched Battle of Boulin – 1114
The first battle in Renia, the battle was intended to be a pitched battle. After a few small skirmishes the battle escalated until General Blaise Beluevo (Alnwick) feigned a retreat. He then used a double envelopment tactic to force a surrender in the Renian troops only moments after the withdrawal. This was the battle that led to the coining of the term Dishonor Tactics. Renia abandonded any other attempts to participate in pitched battles after this point and this was the only recorded one of the war.

Denarian War

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