Kumakin are a humanoid creatures with the features of a bear, with the dexterity to wield weapons in the rare situations that call for it. Their ears and tail can be any color from dark brown to white and in some circumstances have even been seen in gold. Kumakin have been recorded to stand 7ft all the way up to 11ft from the ground and can weigh in excess of 550lbs. Their eyes carry a veracious predatory stare that can shake the nerves of even the most tranquil monk. They were discovered by the Alnwick explorer Jean Dirio in 1071.

Ability Score
 Your strength increases by 2 and your constitution increases by 1

 Kumakin reach maturity at 9 and can live to be 120 or so.

 Kumakin are true neutral most of the time.

 Kumakin grow between 6ft up to 9ft tall and up to 800lbs. You are medium

 Your base walking speed is 25 feet. Kumakin can also move on all four legs (provided both hands are empty) which increases their speed to 40 feet, although they can’t fight while on all fours. It takes 15 feet of movement during combat to stand up again.

Unnerving Gaze
 Once per short, you can focus your Unnerving Gaze on an enemy, you can see within 10 feet. The creature must make a Wisdom saving throw. The DC is 7 + your proficiency bonus + your Charisma monicker. On a failure, they are frightened by you for 1 turn.

 You are proficient with Intimidation.
Size managment
Due to Kumakin’s huge size you are disadvantaged on all stealth checks made.

 You can speak, read, in Common, and one more language of your choice. However you lack the ability to write in it.



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