Important People

Jean Dirio
(1022 – 1093)
Jean Dirio was the pioneer of exploration, leading many escapades into the uncharted wilderness. He was responsible for the discovery of mousefolk, Pelztiere, and Kumakin. On his last voyage, Jean and his company disappeared mysteriously never to return. Him and his company are presumed dead.

King Revin Alberick
The Alnwick king who started the Denarian war. He spent most of his life focusing on the war effort and the creation of rebuilding and reforming groups in the northern realms.

King Sareth Oberoth
The current king of Alnwick. He became king of Alnwick in 1158 after the death of Revin Alberick. His main focus is furthering the reform efforts of his predecessor and crushing the rebelling forces in Boske and attempting to continue positive diplomatic relations in Agral. His biggest difficulty has been dealing with the new dwarf king of Agral, Malagar Zarkanan.

Malagar Zarkanan
Malagar is the dwarf king of Agral that has recently risen to power after forcing the former king to abdicate. This king is considered legendary among his warriors because of his participation in the Denarian wars and his golden axe.

Marius Gale
Marius Gale is the current heir to the thrown of Alnwick. He lives in Ares where he is adored by the population. He was not always the next in line to receive the throne: the council had selected three other heirs as well when selecting their initial four heirs, but they all died within the last two years. This strange turn of events, as well as Marius’ tendency to hide himself when not in his house, has lead to many speculations and rumors about him. Nevertheless he remains an icon to the majority of the citizens in Ares.

Important People

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